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tube – Handmade belt packaging. As a young startup manufacturing products made out of old bike tubes, primary sold online, the packaging has to convey the values of the brand, as well as lower the handling and shipping fees to a minimum. These aspects have all been taken into account for the conception of this packaging and the optimization of its practical use and production have not undermined its design.

The design of the packaging conveys both the value of the product (design packaging with recycled product) and the image of the brand (recycled products can have style). This one packaging was conceived for 3 different kind of belts, which lowers the cost of its fabrication. The products are mostly sold online, therefore the packaging is optimized so that it can be mailed in the format of a standard envelope, which lowers the shipping costs, fits in the mailbox and  the client doesn’t have to go and pick up the merchandise at the post office. Thanks to the hook at the top of the packaging, it can also be displayed in stores on hangers.


Designpreis Deutschland 2011